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[SIDE] Womans

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[SIDE] Womans

Post  maceman121 on Mon Sep 12, 2011 4:42 pm

Thoughts on the army? And please check my math, pretty such it is right, but looking at other sides I wonder if I did it wrong on upkeep since I didn't add cost for specials for anything but Stabber, Piker, Archer and Scouts.

Side Name: Womans (Royal)(Pronounced like Romans only with a W instead)

Ruler Name: Caesaw Sawad

Favored Terrain: Mountain

Description: Much like their Roman counterparts, these humans are battle hardened and ever ready to expand their territory by conquering others. They tend to be slightly shorter than an average human, stronger and stouter as well from their mountain homelands. Always on the lookout to make some coin as well, defeat could well mean being sent to the awena to battle for your life.

Black tops, with the emblem in gold.


Stabber: Pwincipes (5/4/2/3) + Rider (35)
Popped to battle, and with light leather armor to augment their shield, the Pwincipes are the core warrior of the Woman army. They are the most expendable unit, and entire stacks have been known to be used to take down a single enemy of only moderate value.

Piker: Haswati (7/2/5/2/garrison) + Toxin (25/35)
Designed to defend cities and outposts, the Haswati come popped with medium grade chain armor and a poisoned pike to ensure a little extra oomph when protecting the land. Rarely are they turned to the offensive, any number of these units become a little heavier, and thus only add to their defense with natural padding.

Archer: Shooters (5/6/1/2/garrison) + Toxin (35/45)
Shooters are a staple of any good defense, and even armies on the go. Slightly weaker than many of their counterparts, instead a Shooter will pop wearing light armor and carrying heavily toxic arrows designed to take down their opponents at will.

Scout: Pegasus (3/0/0/9) + Flight, Scout, Mount (35)
Popped ever so slightly smaller than the average horse, Pegasus have wings to compensate and are designed to be long range scouts, filling in their leader with important details and sometimes even carrying a few soldiers to drop in an area that needs to be claimed.

Knight: Ewuites (10/4/8/5/rider) + Sonic, Toxin (90)
Very heavily armored when first popped, the Ewuites are made to take a large amount of damage while slowly wearing down their opponents. Ewuites are the elite infantry, and all others treat them like the minor nobles that they are.


Special A: Swaves (7/3/3/3) + Builder, Surveyor (40)
The defeated enemy not sent to the pits to fight in the arena become the Swaves of the Womans. The men are sent to assist in building up cities and work resources, while the women… let's just say someone has to keep the nobles happy while not in battle.

Special B: Gwadiators (6/5/3/3) + Ranged (40)
Those that are defeated and are not made into Swaves instead get sent to the pits where most are croaked before the cheers of those in the stands of the arena by the deadly Gwadiators. When need calls, Gwadiators can be sent out and fight on the lines instead of in the arenas.

Special D: Legionawies (8/4/4/3) + Fabrication, Leadership(80)
Almost a mix between Haswati and Pwincipes, the Legionawies are the heavy hitting grunts of the army, and can often be seen leading a stack of Pwincipes or Haswati when needed. Heavier armed than the Haswati, and heavier armored than the Pwincipes, they supplement their weakness by fabricating unique equipment as needed.

Special D: Rammies (15/10/7/20/heavy) + Simple Foolmancy, Simple Weirdomancy, Siege, Fast, Mount (250)
Rammies are the uniquely popped unit for the Womans in that they have inate magic designed to assist them in hiding from the enemies. Having a ram head, a body of a log, and iron wheels for feet, Rammies are very fast to cover vast ground before smashing into the walls of the enemy.


Sloop: Twiwemis (6/4/3/4/Cool + Water-Capable, Ranged (60)
Smallest of the ships, the Twiwemis is designed to move a few troops across the seas and scout out local landscapes before the main army comes floating in, and act as a screen for the Ennewis.
Galley: Ennewis (8/3/3/5/24) + Water-Capable, Ranged (90)
While not offering a large amount of protection to those it carries, the Ennewis is designed to be a major troop transport across water bodies, striking at range to sink small ships that are already wounded.
Galleon: Quadwiwemis (16/10/9/5/30) + Water-Capable, Ranged (130)
Though easily able to carry large numbers of troops on its own, the Quadwiwemis is truly designed to slaughter the enemy navies with a metal plated body and sails made of a thin glass like substance.


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