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Updated iMeme

Post  ReginaldMcMuffin on Sun Sep 04, 2011 10:48 pm

Side Name: iMeme (royal)

Ruler: Supreme HighLordKingPerson Hassan Cheezburger (usually called LordKing Has Cheezburger) king
or THE Numa Numa (Theatrically Hysterical Electroking)

Favored Terrain: Forest

Description: Technically, a highly advanced side, but many things seem simply childish (even to erfworldians). Still, both the tech and the non-tech is highly effective. Although they like to think they are the center of attention, there is a vast forest between them and the rest of the world. Still, THE Numa Numa has used this to build up a vast array of weapons tech that will surprise anyone who dares the treacherous deserts. Although iMeme doesn't seem to have a singular theme around it's units, they are widely varied in their abilities, allowing them to tackle any number of challenges.

Goals: iMeme is out to make a name for itself in the world. While Numa Numa may not want to take over the world, he'll definitely be out their either raiding people or assisting them. Perhaps both! Since versatility is important to iMeme, gathering units of other sides wouldn't be out of the question. After all, dwagons and WOFLCOPTERS get along quite well.

Livery: Nyan Cat (a cat with a piece of buttered toast as a body)



lolz (5/3/5/3) forest capable (30)
lolz cats aren't very good at killing others, but they JUST DON'T DIE!!!! They like cheezburgers that grow on the magical cheezburger bush in the iMeme desert.


YouPike: (7,3,2,2) surveyor, forest special, garrison, builder (40[50]) upgrade from g=50 schmucks
These Pikers like to use a little natural foolamancy to conjure up moving images to amuse themselves. This gets iMeme more publicity, raising its production values, and allowing it to build up the empire with ease. In battle, however, YouPikers aren't very effective at anything but soaking up damage.

alternate to the shootas,

Big Dakka Gun (5/9/0/2), ranged, desert capable, garrison. (30[40]) upgrade from g=50 schmucks
These guys practically carry a tank cannon. And it's aimed at you. Cya! The gun is very heavy, causing the unit to move slowly. However, they usually pair up with ROFLCOPTERS for deadly combos. However, to do this efficiently, they need tripods for their massive guns (applied to WOFLCOPTERS. This item would give a ranged unit riding them a "rider" special). Either way, they still pack a punch few will forget, accompanying your screams of terror with a beautiful symphony of "DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA".


Trololololol fairy: (3/0/1/10) flight, scout, forest capable, (30)
Probably the ugliest fairy you'll ever see. Very annoying, but does a good job at finding out information about the enemy. Very expendable.

The Knights of GO OK! (10/4/4/5) Natural shockamancy, natural rhymeomancy, rider, forest capable (90)
These Knights are snazzy dance fighters, surpassing even rocking-out in terms of power. They're just that zany. They can ride their flying treadmills into battle (much like ansom's magic item, the flying carpet. Need to work out shmuckers pricing/fabrication thingy) if they have been bought, but they are just as good on foot. Their natural skill with special effects gives them limited shockamancy, while their awesome dancefighting is due to their natural rhymeomancy.

Special Units

Special A

Ninjas (6/7/3/3) ranged, forest capable (40)
You never see them coming as they do a triple backflip from behind just so they can look you in the eye as they stab you in the throat. Moderately fast, and with high attack, but low health and defense. Meant to ambush and destroy enemies. Can equip ninja stars and poison darts for ranged and toxin buffs respectively. The thick forests of iMeme are perfect for Ninjas setting up ambushes.

Special B

The Abridged Unit
(6/3/5/5) surveyor, desert capable (40)

Special C

Pirates (9/4/5/5) forest capable, fabrication, seige (80)
Although the pirates are less capable in battle than ninjas (not stat-wise, but real life wise), they are very useful to iMeme. They Can equip pistols and rifles for ranged bonus, and can man cannons if they are created. Can also consume rum for bonus health (non-canon). Although they technically have the fabrication special, everyone knows they don't actually do any work. So how do things get built? Rumor has it that every pirate has a ninja hiding on his person, waiting to kill them. They probably do it. That's probably where they get their battle skill from too. These pirates are very annoyed to be in the forest, as they much prefer the sea, but they grudgingly go about their duties.

Special D

WOFLCOPTER: (21/13 (7+6 sonic)/13/12)Ranged, Flight, mount, sonic (free seige), heavy, desert capable (250)
The ultimate in iMeme technology, the Woflcopter can carry three Big Dakka Guns or Knights of GO OK!, along with the weaponry to not only seige a city, but blow up anything on the way. Although it may not be as fast, it's a force to be reckoned with. It's sonic cannons will laugh at you as you're blown to smithereens. Hint, don't mess with the Woflcopter.


First!!!! Boat (sloop)
(6/2/2/8/) water capable, (60) cargo 8
This boat is powered by the souls of those who try to comment first. Instead of disbanding these annoyances, The pirates harvest them for materials to use in boats. The boat's powers are mysterious and scary.
Alternate: (6/0/4/8 ) desert capable, water capable, cargo 6

Rick's Rollers (galley)
(8/3/6/10) cargo 16, water capable, desert capable (90)
being a land locked nation, iMeme's navy consists of boats with a big kite attached to the top, providing propulsion and allowing it to "roll" over the sand. It's also capable of traveling on water when necessary. Odd music and foolamancy sometimes appear, hiding the ship from enemy eyes (non-canon). It completely eschews weapons, going for complete speed and armor instead.

Shippers (galleon)
(10/15/15/5) cargo 30, water capable, (130)
These people fight aggressively for their love. Actually, they fight for other people's love, whether it exists or not. Whether this makes sense or not, they are especially violent with their protests, launching full artillery barrages at anyone who resists, but are well-shielded from attacks. Being the only true naval craft on iMeme's side, it is rarely built, unless iMeme is going to war with a heavily fortified water nation. Even then, it's difficult for iMeme to get a city high enough in level close enough to a wharf to build such craft, so these blueprints and fanatics go unused. not that anyone minds that.


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