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[SIDE] Lantea

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[SIDE] Lantea

Post  Siren43 on Mon Aug 22, 2011 10:42 am

Side Name: Lantea
Ruler Name: Hipster Ariel
Favored Terrain: Swamp (near rives and coasts)
Description: Thousands of turns ago, when most of the other races' ancestors were leaving the sea, the Siwens stayed behind, eventually, the sea just wasn't doing it for them so they went to go be where the people were, although they still prefer living near large bodies of water. They tend to be tall and pale when fully grown, with either black, white, or red hair and pure black eyes. Even though they look human at first glance, they possess gill slits on the side of their necks and have the teeth of a piranha fish, avoid french kissing siwens. Their voices are usually musical and pleasing to the ears. This side is generally peaceful but once there's blood in the water or they're attacked, they attack back with a vengeance. While technically royal, the Siwens find royalty too mainstream so function in a state similar to Transylvito's.

Livery: Crossed golden tridents and a white skull wearing hipster glasses (like a pirate flag) on a blue background.


-Nixie (Stabber) (5/5/1/4/water-capable, swamp capable) (40)
A small unit, the Nixie's cute and harmless exterior hides the tenacity (and maw) of a piranha fish, they tend to attack in swarms and will retreat to the water when outclassed.

-Merman-tis (Piker) (7/4/5/2/garrison, swamp-capable) (20)
Siwen Pikers have the upper body of a human and the lower body and arms of a mantis shrimp, while this makes manipulating objects difficult it also makes them annoying to fight in battle.

-Back-up Slingers (Archer) (5/6/1/2/garrison, ranged, toxin, swamp-capable) (40)
A more humanoid unit, the Back-up Slingers reinforce the attacks of the Divas (see below) to poison enemy opposition and slowly weaken them.

-Jerk-Bird (Scout) (3/0/0/11/flight, scout, swamp-capable) (30)
A small, seagull-like bird that can move at incredible speeds and could theoretically remain undetected...if they would ever shut up.

-Diva (Knight) (10/4/4/5/heavy, leadership, simple-rhyme-o-mancy, frightening, water-capable, swamp capable) (100)
The knight class unit of the Siwens resemble a human in all aspects, save that they have gills, entirely black eyes, and teeth that would put a piranha to shame ^_^ usually appears attractive to everyone who sees them and are a vicious unit in battle, capable of using their song to direct units in dance-fights.


Sea-Soypent (Special A) (6/4/3/4/water-capable, swamp-capable, toxin) (40)
A dwagon-like unit, the sea-soypent is as much at home on the land as it is in the water, slithering about like a gigantic snake. Their bite is mildly poisonous, as if they weren't already annoying enough for enemy units...

Booty-licious Pirate (Special B) (6/5/4/4/ranged, swamp-capable) (40)
An interesting unit, the Booty-licious Pirates tend to travel in groups and attack the unwary, while not quite as...stunning as a Diva, they are still quite attractive, which they shamelessly use to their advantage Wink

Doom-Gull (Special C) (6/4/4/11/flight, siege, frightening, fast, swamp capable) (80)
So you know what a Jerk bird picture that the size of a pony, pure black except for a blood-red stripe around its neck, and give it a shrike's (if you don't know what a shrike is look it up) beak and you've got a doomgull. These large flying units strike terror into the hearts of all who see them, while they do not have breathe weapons like dwagons, they are still plenty dangerous as they can travel at extremely fast speeds and are capable of acting as seige units, destroying walls to allow Siwen units access to an enemy city.

Leviathan (Special D) (21/6/6/12/heavy, water-capable, swamp-capable, breath-weapon (sonic), toxic, siege, simple-changeamancy, frightening, ranged) (250)
The largest and most terrifying unit the Siwens possess, the Leviathan looks something like a cross between a viper eel, a mantis shrimp, and a kraken. Its eight tentacles allow it to move in water or on land and to drag screaming units into its fang-lined maw. In addition to this, it's shriek is loud enough to cause damage to walls and units, allowing it to act as a siege weapon. It's command over simple changeamancy allows it to manipulate the environment to suite its needs, making this an interesting addition to the Siwen's arsenal of creatures.

And finally, "in the Navy!" (you know you saw this coming)

Rum-Runner (Sloop) (6/2/2/8/9/water-capable) (60)
The scouting units of the Siwen Navy, the rum-runner appears as a ship trapped within a bottle of rum, how units get in and out of the bottle to operate the sloop is currently a mystery.

Privateers (Galley) (8/6/6/5/18/water-capable, ranged) (90)
The ships favored by the Booty-licious Pirates, the Privateers are capable of carrying several units into battle and are more adept at engaging enemy units than the rum-runners...although that's not saying much.

The Flying-Klompen (Galleon) (16/5/6/5/45/water-capable) (130)
The largest ship available, the Flying-Klompen appears to be a giant clog...yeah, you got a problem with that? The oars of the ship are actually wings that lift it above the water's surface to allow it to travel in a unique manner. Capable of doing damage to other units and carrying Siwen units, these ships are the powerhouses of the Siwen Navy.

Last edited by Siren43 on Sun Sep 04, 2011 10:12 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : used one too many points on the pointed out by another player :P)


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Re: [SIDE] Lantea

Post  0beron on Mon Aug 22, 2011 11:25 am

niiiiice Smile Another Rhyme-o-mancy invested side Smile
This is the friend IRL who I mentioned!

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Re: [SIDE] Lantea

Post  Nihila on Fri Sep 02, 2011 12:58 pm

Nitpickery ahoy!

I think you've invested 1 point too many in your Leviathan. 4 for Hits, 1 for Attack, 1 for Water Capable, 6 for Sonic Breath (with Siege), 2 for Toxic, 2 for Ranged, 6 for Simple Changemancy, and then 3 for Frightening comes out to 25 total.

Everything else looks good!

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Re: [SIDE] Lantea

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