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[SIDE for Playtest] Twansylvania

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[SIDE for Playtest] Twansylvania

Post  Nihila on Sun Aug 21, 2011 3:15 am

Side Name: Twansylvania (Royal)
Ruler Name: Bawon Klaus von Wulfenbach
Favored Terrain: Tundra
Description: After his presumed death in Girl Genius, the Bawon Wulfenbach found himself trapped in another webcomic, in another endless wasteland, with no apparent means of escape. So he founded his first city, calling it Castle Wulfenbach after his old airship palace, and set about conquering a small part of this world, too, hoping to find some way out of the nightmare of endless warfare.

Twansylvanian Army Details

Unit Name
Upkeep: Hits-Attack-Defense-Move; Specials

Aiwship Personnel:
30: 5-5-3-3; Tundra Capable
Normal, heavily armed Men, Aiwship Personnel would prefer to spend all their time drinking coffee or playing cards. Unfortunately, they have a peace to keep.

Guard Clank:
20(30): 7-4-5-0(2); Tundra Capable; Upgrade from Garrison for 50$
Designed by the Bawon in one of his rare moments of free time, these mechanical things that go "clank" protect a given target, such as a city, whether the Bawon's or not.

Towpedo Aiwship:
40(50): 5-5-1-0(3); Ranged; Flight; Tundra Capable; Upgrade from Garrison for 50$
The lightest of the Bawon's Aiwships pack a neat punch, and are churned out of his factories at a massive rate. All this despite complaints about engine quality and the heavy maintenance costs therein.

Wasp Weasel:
30: 3-1-0-8; 8=Scout Range (Walker); Tundra Capable
Fast-moving, sharp-nosed Constructs modified from a simple weasel, the fluffy hunters will freak out if confronted with a slaver wasp.

90: 10-4-4-5; Rider; Limited Dollamancy; Limited Dirtamancy; Tundra Capable
Mad scientists to the last, Spawks will continue building clanks or whatever, for that matter, their heart desires even as the angry mob breaks down the door. Often, their Dollamantic or Dirtamantic Golem-Clanks will buy them extra time to build.

Twansport Aiwship
40: 6-3-3-3; Flight; Mount; Ranged; Tundra Capable
Their main function is to unite leaders with flying stacks, as their engines aren't much faster than a walking pace.

Fwigate Aiwship
40: 6-5-3-3; Flight; Ranged; Tundra Capable
Like the Towpedo Aiwships, mass-producable and light, decent on the attack. Unlike the Towpedo Aiwships, less engine problems and some actual, working armor.

80: 6-3-7-3; Leadership; Dance-Fighting; Tundra Capable
Don't touch their hats. You won't be able to understand their aggressive complaints, but you will understand the claws that slice you in half as they shift into full-gear Dance-Fighting.

Wulfenbach-Escort Class Aiwships:
250: 21-10(18)(36[against ground targets])-6-12; Flight; Ranged; Mount; Battlecrap; Fire Breath; Tundra Capable
Based on the Aiwships that merely moved around the Bawon's great castle, these behemoths crush any of his cities that foolishly decides to rebel. No one is sure why they move four times as fast as the other Aiwships, despite being almost four times as large.

Aqua Clank
60: 6-2-2-4; 13 Cargo
Simple, thrown-together machines that hold--not necessarily comfortably--up to 13 personnel. For them, an unlucky number.

Firefightew Clank
90: 8-7-3-5; Ranged; 20 Cargo
Constructed to fight fires, their jets can also freeze units solid, given enough time to cool to the correct--or, possibly, incorrect--temperature.

Leviathan Clank
130: 10-5-5-5; 50 Cargo
In the form of a massive whale, 50 units can step into its belly, hoping, hoping that the Bawon didn't design any stomach acid into it...

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