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Terms for the Employment of Oz Imperial Forces by Non Allied Sides

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Terms for the Employment of Oz Imperial Forces by Non Allied Sides

Post  Squeejee on Sun Jan 23, 2011 2:58 am

Welcome, and thank you for selecting Oz Imperial, your northern battlespace solutions provider! My name is Lane, and I will be assisting in helping you find the battlespace solution that is right for you.

Oz Imperial has been authorized to provide a number of services to our clients, which are listed below. Each service is listed with a base price, as well as a special discount price that applies to orders of over 10,000 schmuckers per turn after discount, or contracts lasting for 20 or more turns. We pride ourselves on competitive pricing and quality service.

Assault Infantry Rental - 400 (300)
A pit of 8 Mosh joins your ranks and follows your orders for the duration of the contract. The Mosh are a unit with a high number of Hits, and therefore the perfect screen for your more expensive units - however, because of their "Heavy" designation, transport of a mosh pit to your desired battlespace may be difficult - ask about local availability before purchase.

Guard Infantry Rental - 500 (375)
A crew of 8 Roadies join your ranks and follows your orders for the duration of the contract. Roadies are like Mosh in that they are a high-Hits unit that are perfect to defend an area or a more expensive unit, however they also have the distinct advantage of being equipped with the "Surveyor" ability, increasing the output of any resource point that they are placed upon. A Guard Infantry contract can easily pay for itself, and then some - long-term rental off these highly useful units is always advantageous to both the renting party and the Oz Empire.

Free Mathamancy: If you're rented Roadies (using the discounted price for long-term hiring) are standing on a hex that produces 469 or more Schmuckers per turn - that would be any city or mine - then the Roadie is paying for itself, and anything above and beyond is money in your pocket.

Versatile Infantry Rental - 600 (450)
A circle of 8 groupies joins your ranks and follows your orders for the duration of the contract. Groupies are a very versatile unit that can fill multiple shortcomings in your army list cheaply and effectively. In addition to moving at a fast 4 hexes per turn, groupies have the "siege" special and can help your army take the walls of even the most mighty fortifications.

Chopper Rental - 500 (375)
A squadron of 8 Choppers joins your ranks and follows orders until the end of the contract. Choppers are great for transporting your units across a battlespace, and make great mounts for your best stack.

Scout Sortie - 400 (300)
A squadron of 8 Air Guitars scout the hexes of your choice. The price includes the cost of Imperial Solutions Thinkamancers receiving the scouting data - no matter how far away from existing forces it is - and transmitting it to the Warlord you designate at the start of your turn. Because of their nature, Air Guitars are not available for rental as other Oz units are.

Tactical Consultant - 500 (375)
A Studio Guitarist is sent to your battlespace to provide Leadership and Dance-Fighting support to the stack of your choice until the end of the contract. While they are weak units, the bonus that a studio guitarist can provide your forces is undeniable.

Strategic Consultant - 1000 (750)
An Oz Imperial Solutions Warlord is dispatched to your battlespace to provide leadership support and strategic assistance. A Warlord, in addition to following the orders of the client, will offer advice and go out of their way to help the client in every way possible for the duration of the contract.

Magical Consultant - 1000 (750)
An Oz Imperial Stage Manager joins your ranks and follows orders until the contract expires. Each Stage Manager is guaranteed to come complete with simple Thinkamancy AND Foolamancy, and you should always ask about the availability of other simple -mancys. Ask about our spell security!

Air Superiority Package - 1000 (750)
Two Lead Zeppelins mounting six Flying Vs join your forces and follow your orders until the end of the contract. Each Zeppelin is hand-inspected by Overlord Ozzy himself and guaranteed for quality.. The Air package is guaranteed to bring results.

Information Warfare Task Force - 5000 (3750)
Oz Imperial deploys a full IWTF to the battlespace you designate, and reports on all movement observed in the region. The exact makeup of each IWTF is classified, but it contains a minimum of 32 Air Guitars, 2 Stage Managers, and an Imperial Solutions Warlord to manage it all. The IWTF will not join your ranks, but will function autonomously within your battlespace. The IWTF will follow instructions given, but will otherwise act of its own accord to provide the best intelligence services possible.

Spell Security Package - 1000 (750) or 400 (300)
An Imperial Solutions Stage Manager is sent to your forces and performs a thorough sweep of your forces, looking especially for Thinkamancy probes and Foolamancy illusions. The Stage Manager will provide your Chief Warlord with a full dossier of any magical effects discovered during the inquisition. By doubling the price, our Stage Manager will attempt to dispel the effect, if possible. If a Stage Manager is already present among your forces as a Magical Consultant, use the second price figure - she will make every effort to root out magical effects while also serving as a Magical Consultant.

Universal Terms and Conditions
1) Restrictions on actions that Imperial Solutions contractors will perform.
While Imperial Solutions is happy to provide aid to all sides of all conflicts worldwide, should an Imperial Solutions -hired unit be ordered to attack a member of the Oz Empire, another Imperial Solutions -hired unit, or any faction in a military alliance with the Oz Empire, the order will be ignored, and the order will be listed as an attempted contract violation.

2) Delivery of contracted units to requested battlespace.
Imperial Solutions will always take every necessary step to assure that our units arrive at your battlespace in a timely manner. However, if your battlespace is particularly remote from the nearest Imperial Solutions outpost, you will be advised upon the contract's signing of possible delays in the arrival of your ordered units.

If the ordered units will require more than 5 turns to arrive at your battlespace, the arrival hex being defined at the signing of the contract, then you must provide half the cost for all ordered units and packages for the duration of the trip. Imperial Solutions units may use transportation to arrive at your battlespace - however, if those transports are not covered in the contract, they will leave the battlespace at the earliest opportunity.

3) Client Liability
Imperial Battlespace Solutions is proud to provide you the best service possible, and our employees will lay their lives down as if your cause was their own. However, Imperial Solutions will charge a 500% cost penalty on the turn a unit is destroyed if that unit died due to reckless usage by the contractee.

"Reckless Usage" is hereby defined as the unit or stack in question being croaked, after taking at least 50% of their Hits in damage in a single turn, and being croaked by a force that should have been anticipated. This means that if a unit was seen a turn prior to killing the hired unit or stack, liability lies with the client for not taking reasonable precautions to protect the Imperial Solutions assets.

Liability also lies with the client if the stack or unit is sent into combat, and post-combat analysis of all units involved reveals that the stack had a less than 50% chance of survival. Imperial Solutions is not responsible for providing Mathamancy to our clients.

Liability also lies with the client for detecting inbound units. Therefore, if an unexpected unit approaches from a hex that was not scouted by the client's own forces the turn prior, then liability lies with them unless the attacking unit attacked from 15 or more hexes away. If Imperial Solutions is providing an Information Warfare Task Force in the region, then liability for detecting units is waived for the client.

Clients may also waive all liability by purchasing loss insurance on their contract for the low rate of 25% the total price. Units that remain under Imperial Solution's control for the duration of the contract do not render the client liable if they are lost - clients will be advised as to losses incurred, and losses of independent forces will be recouped as quickly as reasonably possible.

4) Force Experience
Imperial Solutions always provides its clients with professional soldiers that will follow the orders they are given without complaint. However, the base price figures listed above are always for "level 1" units. Pending availability, higher level stacks and units may be requested at the rate of 10% price increase per level above first requested. There may be cases where a higher level stack is the only stack available - in this case, the cost increase is one 5% per level above first. If an Imperial Solutions unit levels up while in the employ of a client, the level up does not increase its cost as long as the contract continues.

5) Contract Renewal
By their nature, Imperial Solutions contracts last for one turn at a time. They are automatically renewed at the start of the Oz Empire's turn every turn the client can continue to pay - it is at this time that the client may also decide whether to continue or cancel an ongoing contract. Should the client cancel their contract, all previously-hired units will immediately return to being controlled by the Oz Empire and disengage from the battlespace.

6) Contract Disqualification
Imperial Solutions reserves the right to cancel our client's contract prematurely, should the client in any way void the previously laid out terms and conditions.

This includes, but is not limited to, cancellation for nonpayment of ongoing contract, multiple occurrences of reckless loss of Imperial Solutions personnel, ordering Imperial Solutions Personnel to perform a restricted action, and entering into open hostilities with the Oz Empire or its allies.


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Re: Terms for the Employment of Oz Imperial Forces by Non Allied Sides

Post  Nihila on Sun Jan 23, 2011 4:08 am

Looks pretty solid to Snowpoint's Rules Lawyers.


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