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[TITAN] Omune Ratz

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[TITAN] Omune Ratz

Post  Crovius on Thu Jan 20, 2011 9:24 am

Titan Name: Omune Ratz

Titan Portfolio: Beasts, Nature

Titan Stats: 1/1/1


Omune Ratz is the Titan of nature and all the beasts of Erf, usually his time crafting new beasts and scattering them throughout the world. He also tend to be the most active in changing the layout of the world, establishing regions that are dangerous for sides to settle cities or even pass through, as the terrain changes are bad enough but the large concentration of beasts can be hazardous. He especially enjoys finding areas that would make a good strategic location and littering it with creatures so that only the worthy who would risk themselves to reach the locations deserve to capture it. He is the most likely of the Titans to fashion epic beasts who claim areas as their own, great beasts who could smash whole stacks of enemies. He rarely has a side he favors but those that minimize harm to nature and show respect for the beasts of Erf will be given his favor to some degree. Beastly mounts are a common gift he grants those in his favor, and he also has his Avatar serve their cause when they've pleased him.

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