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[Backup Titan] Athe

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[Backup Titan] Athe

Post  Squeejee on Wed Dec 15, 2010 8:46 pm

If a titan drops out of the game, what happens to his followers? Well, they become Atheists, of course! And who better to inspire the now titan-less masses than Athe himself?
IMPORTANT: This is not an attack on anything - remember that Erfworld is make-believe and that we're here to have fun, not flame.
Name: Athe
Titles: He-who-is-not-here, the Unacknowledged, the Paradox
Domain: Evolution, Technology
Alignment: Unaligned
Stats: 1 / 0 / 2
Appearance: A tall man in a black business suit, wearing black sunglasses and a bowler hat. He is distinct in that his hands and head are not visible - the glasses, hat, and anything he is holding seeming to float. When he speaks, he tends to use vocabulary that is technically correct, but can be easily spun by a real master of rhetoric. Athe is generally a bit anti-social at Titanic social gatherings, his conversations with them very awkward because he is convinced that they are a figment of his imagination.
Description: Athe is the Titan of skepticism and progress, preferring to guide his "worshipers" towards their goal and preferring to avoid attracting attention to himself. At the start of the world, Athe was created just a bit "off" - he believes that the other Titans are fake as well as himself, and that his vision of the mortal realm is the result of some combination of very extenuating "science-fiction" (whatever that is) concepts, something about the projection of the mortal zeitgeist and their will imposed on the laws of the universe, changing them over time. A real "wackjob," most would say.
If I don't exist, who will know my Dogma?
Oh well, I suppose it couldn't hurt to say.
How many lines do I have? Seven? Okay.
So with four more left, let me get under way:
Think for yourself, question it, then think again.
Always remember that there is another way,
Do not get locked in to eleven syllables
Or seven lines.
Attitude to the Titans:

She's very talkative, and wind messes up my hair (wait, do I have hair? I'm not sure, I should experiment) whenever she's talking to me. Avoid.
Sir Shadow

I don't get his fondness for mountains. Also need to find out if he knows something I don't. Wait, if he's a figment of my imagination, how can he know something I don't? Repressed memories? Should talk to him more.
Jack Frost

Obviously he represents the part of my brain that thinks all of this "Titan" stuff is real - conversation with him is exhausting, so I'll avoid it. Should also avoid his sword, ouch.

As indicated above, Athe is a backup titan, so he won't choose any sides / be chosen. The idea is that if another Titan drops out of the game for any reason and there are no other Titans waiting Athe can take up the lost followers. Naturally, Oz will probably wind up going neutral in that case, or can be passed off to someone.


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